Interior Design

Interior design is a very broad field.  Coming from a construction background there are many design services that I offer.  When you have a large project this list works best as a whole, and in the order listed, as that is how the job will flow. For smaller projects, like a room refresh or moving into a new apartment not all are necessary...

  • Architectural plan review and Space Planning
    Look at all architectural layouts and revise based on how homeowners use their space and my experience of best practice over the years

  • Macro Design Concept-ing
    the overall look and feel of the space

  • Micro Design
    shopping for material selections, kitchen cabinet measurements, wallpaper, paint, light fixtures, furniture, etc.

Project & Construction Management Consulting

Acting as an owner's representative, I provide the following benefits throughout the construction process:

  • Bridge the communication gap between homeowner and general contractor

  • Advise on what qualifies as a true Change Order and what cost the GC should bear

  • Construction drawing mark ups

  • Conflict resolution for existing conditions

  • Real time project tracking, critical timeline creation and sub-contractor communication with Fieldlens

Bridging the communication gap between homeowner and general contractor is a skill I have honed over many years.  I speak both languages and allow for the flow of information to happen quickly and seamlessly.

Design and the renovation of your home is a very personal process, so while the above will give you a general overview of what I do I find it best to have a conversation.  Much of this process is trust and the ability to work together, so I like to get to know clients and discuss their needs rather than try to fit any one person's needs into a box that doesn't suit them.




Interior Design

  • Restaurant Design

  • Lobby and Common Areas

  • Model Units (Staging)

  • Kitchen and Appliance packages

  • Kitchen and Appliance value engineering

  • Ordering and Just-In-Time Delivery of Finish Materials

Project & Construction Management Consulting

  • Owner's rep

  • Plan Review/Markups and Architectural meetings