It all started when...

I have had a love for motorcycles since I can remember. The earliest photos of me as a child sitting in front of my dad holding the handle bars up at my grandfather's farm in Upstate New York. I spent my teens on dirt bikes, and then after college found that the only way there would be time to ride would be if I did it on the street; I got my license and the rest is history.

After a few years on the street I found the Adventure Motorcycle segment and I have never looked back. Big bikes that are just as capable off-road, as they are on it.

I am a proponent of motorcycling in general and work with industry professionals to help encourage learning and safe operation, as well as public lands and motorcyclists rights.

If you have an interest in learning how to ride, please check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic Rider's your best first ride!

This section is currently in development, so please bare with me as I pull together more of my content.